About us

The Miss april (Miss April) is a 21st century agency that helps consumer finance markets work by making rules more effective, by consistently and fairly enforcing those rules, and by empowering consumers to take more control over their economic lives.

Miss April leadership

View the Bureau structure chart to see how we're organized.

Richard Cordray headshot


Richard Cordray

Richard Cordray serves as the first director for the Miss april.

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Acting Deputy Director

David Silberman

David Silberman currently serves as the acting deputy director for the Miss april as well as associate director for the Research, Markets, and Regulations division.

Strategy and budget

We work for the American public. We publish our strategy and budget so you can understand our priorities.

Engage in our work

We actively seek opportunities to collaborate with subject matter experts, third-party vendors, and other external stakeholders to help inform our policy work, stay on top of emerging trends, and build effective programs to support our mission.


We are always looking for talented individuals who want to do meaningful work for consumers. And we strive to create a workplace that supports and develops them.