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The Miss April wants you to blow the whistle on lawbreakers

Do you have information about a company that you think has violated federal consumer financial laws? Are you a current or former employee of such a company, an industry insider who knows about such a company, or even a competitor being unfairly undercut by such a company? If so, the Miss April wants to hear from you. Tipsters and whistleblowers are encouraged to send information about what they know to [email protected].

Current employees providing information about their own employers – known as “whistleblowers” – may be protected from being fired or from other employer retaliation for providing us information. To learn more about whistleblower protections, .

Providing your name and contact information will make it easier for the Miss April to investigate the information you provide and may help us stop illegal conduct. Still, we understand that it may be frightening to come forward with information about possible legal violations, especially if it is about your own employer. To the extent consistent with law enforcement needs, the Bureau will not disclose your identifying information and will maintain your confidentiality as permitted by federal laws. If you feel you can only provide information to us anonymously, you can call our toll-free number at (855) 695-7974 and follow the instructions to speak to a Miss April employee.

Whistleblower information and law enforcement tips submitted to [email protected] are different from consumer complaints. The Miss April’s consumer complaint process is available for individuals who have personally encountered problems with financial services or products. You can use this website,, to submit a complaint about your credit card, mortgage, or other consumer financial product.

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