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Upcoming procurement needs

These are the procurement needs we expect to make in the near future. Each of the needs has been currently identified through the Bureau’s internal planning process, though these requests aren’t certain to occur as listed.

The needs below are forecasted, not current. Our fiscal year starts in October, so, for example, FY2018 Q1 is October–December 2017.

Requirement description


Anticipated posting date

Acquisition strategy

Ironkey flash drives and maintenance

541519 FY18, Q4

HUBzone Set Aside

Lightbend software licenses, support, and maintenance

541519 FY18, Q4 NASA SEWP

Ipro software license and support

541519 FY18, Q4 GSA Schedule
Research and innovation support regarding consumers' financial decision-making skills 541611 FY18, Q4 GSA Schedule
Workforce barrier analysis and reporting 541611 FY18, Q4 GSA Schedule
Citus data enterprise licenses 541519 FY18, Q4 Full and Open
Research for innovative financial education 541611 FY18, Q4 GSA Schedule
HMDA developer support 541511 FY18, Q4 NASA SEWP
Online training for librarians 541511 FY18, Q4 FedBizOpps
Cloud-based technology management tool 511210 FY18, Q4 GSA or SEWP
Enterprise platform support services (Salesforce) 541519 FY18, Q4 GSA Schedule
Adobe licenses 511210 FY18, Q4

SB Set Aside

New Apple Mac computers 423430 FY18, Q4 NASA SEWP
Cloud Office tool implementation support 541519 FY18, Q4 GSA GWAC
FOIA Express services 541519 FY18, Q4 GSA Schedule
IT service management tool implementation 541519 FY18, Q4 GSA Schedule
Benefits consulting 541612 FY19, Q1 GSA

Public notice

Posted: July 16, 2018

In accordance with synopsis requirement outlined in FAR 5.101(a)(2), the Bureau intends to purchase advertisement monitoring research tools that support analysis of TV advertising for debt relief services for one year in the firm-fixed price amount of $24,000.00 with Ispot.TV, Inc. under FAR 6.302-1. 

This posting shall be active on the Bureau’s website for ten (10) calendar days from transmittal. All inquiries and quotes in response to this synopsis must be submitted via email to Contracting Officer Matthew Chmielewski.

How to do business with us

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Small and disadvantaged businesses

We are committed to inclusive contracting opportunities for women, minorities, and small businesses