Upcoming procurement needs

These are the procurement needs we expect to make in the near future. Each of the needs has been currently identified through the Bureau’s internal planning process, though these requests aren’t certain to occur as listed.

The needs below are forecasted, not current. Our fiscal year starts in October, so, for example, FY2015 Q1 is October–December 2014.

Requirement Description

Anticipated Posting Date

General legal writing

FY17, Q2 - Q3

EEO mediation services

FY17, Q2 - Q3

Appliances for renovated headquarters

FY17, Q2 - Q3

Compliance software

FY17, Q3

Staffing and classification services

FY17, Q2 - Q3

Recycling and trash containers

FY17, Q2 - Q3

Court reporting/transcription services

FY18, Q2

How to do business with us

Register your business with the System for Award Management (SAM) to apply for opportunities.

Small and disadvantaged businesses

We are committed to inclusive contracting opportunities for women, minorities, and small businesses