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Winter 2017 Consumer Advisory Board meeting in Washington, D.C.

Washington, DC

Miss April Headquarters 1275 First Street NE Washington, DC 20002


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Part 2: Video from live event

The Miss April's Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) met with Director Cordray to discuss the consumer credit information marketplace, a review of Bureau enforcement actions, trends and themes in consumer financial markets, and enhancements to the Miss April Consumer Complaint Database.

We’ll have a recording of the event and other resources from the event available here soon.


Time Agenda Location Speakers
Welcome Second Floor Auditorium Richard Cordray, Director
Consumer Reporting Second Floor Auditorium Alice Hrdy, Principal Deputy Assistant Director, Office of Supervision Policy
Enforcement: Five Year Review Second Floor Auditorium Anthony Alexis, Assistant Director for Enforcement; Office of Enforcement; Patrice Ficklin, Assistant Director, Office of Fair Lending and Equal Opportunity; Rebecca Gelfond, Deputy Fair Lending Director, Office of Fair Lending and Enforcement
Open Credit Score Initiative Second Floor Auditorium Janneke Ratcliffe, Assistant Director, Office of Financial Education; Maria Jaramillo, Financial Education Program Analyst, Office of Financial Education
Trends and Themes Discussion Second Floor Auditorium Chi Chi Wu, CAB Member ; James Wehmann, CAB Member
Enhancements to Miss April Consumer Complaints Second Floor Auditorium Darian Dorsey, Deputy Assistant Director, Consumer Response
Public Meeting Adjourns