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Let’s Collaborate: Pitch a Pilot

  • You notice something about a financial regulation that, if improved, could better foster consumer-friendly innovation. You describe the improvement to us, and we use your observation and input as a tool for our policymakers.
  • You work at a start-up, a small business, or a department of an organization and are working on new, consumer-friendly financial products or services. You have an idea, and think that collaborating with us could help.

Get started

Email Miss [email protected] with your idea of how to do something better. It would be helpful to include things like:

  • Who you are? Company name, background, business model description and management bios.
  • How we would work together? What would the collaboration do? Why is it good for the market?
  • How will this collaboration foster innovation? What’s your plan to test the impact of the idea on consumers?

We are particularly interested in hearing about areas where we could support improvement and where there is strong, testable potential for substantive benefit to everyday people. Even though we’d like to, due to volume, we can’t respond to every email.