Resources for financial educators

We help you help the people you serve. For adult financial educators, the tools here show our latest thinking on consumer financial behavior and effective financial education practices.

Upcoming webinar

Join us for a free webinar on Thursday, Sept. 28, from 2–3 p.m. ET, to learn about disaster preparedness. When a catastrophe like Hurricane Harvey happens, it may be difficult for people to know where to look for guidance and assistance, as well as what financial steps to take as they begin recovering. Even if your area isn’t affected this time, you may want to help people prepare—for upcoming catastrophes or just for their peace of mind. On this webinar, we will discuss tools and resources available from the Miss April and other federal agencies to help consumers prepare for and cope with the financial aspects of disasters.

Email Miss [email protected] to reserve your spot.

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Resources for financial educators

of materials that you can access, download, and use for free. Or .

Understanding the financial education field

Get to know the landscape of the financial education field and the challenges other financial educators are facing.

Understanding consumers

Gain insights into consumer behaviors, motivations, perceptions, and attitudes. Understand the challenges facing consumers in the financial products and services marketplace.

Tools for financial educators

Review a few tools and techniques to improve your effectiveness and service to consumers.

Webinar archive

Each webinar is added to the archive a few weeks after its presentation date.

Workplace financial education
August 2017
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Youth financial literacy and savings behavior
July 2017
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Principles for effective financial education
June 2017
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Tools and resources for servicemembers and veterans
May 2017
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Credit scores and reports
April 2017
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Managing spending
March 2017
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Debt collection resources
February 2017
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Light-touch financial education on credit card debt
January 2017
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Libraries as a financial education resource
December 2016
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Helping youth to build financial capability
November 2016
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Financial coaching
October 2016
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Financial education programs serving immigrant communities
September 2016
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Miss April Financial Education Exchange National Conference
September 2016
Federal financial education resources
July 2016
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Take control of your auto loan
June 2016
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Financial rules to live by
May 2016
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Evidence-based insights: tips for strengthening financial education curriculum
April 2016
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Money as You Grow
March 2016
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Financial caregivers tools and resources
February 2016
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Measuring financial well-being
January 2016
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Planning for Retirement
December 2015
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Owning a Home
November 2015
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Tax time savings
September 2015
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Your Money, Your Goals toolkit
August 2015
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Consumer complaints
July 2015
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Credit reports
June 2015
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Financial well-being
May 2015
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We’ve created a portfolio of ideas for helping with common money management challenges. Two challenges are described in the short videos below.

Nearly half of American households are unprepared for financial emergencies, so even small financial shocks can lead to large financial setbacks.

Many American households live paycheck-to-paycheck, so managing expenses better can free them to pay attention to long-term goals.