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My mortgage servicer refuses to accept my payment. What can I do?

You can either call or write a to your servicer requesting an explanation.

Be sure you’ve followed your mortgage servicer’s instructions for how to submit your mortgage payment.

Servicers are not generally required to accept payments that don’t equal at least one full monthly payment.  If you can’t make a full payment, you can call your servicer to explain that you’re trying to make a payment on your loan. You can ask if your servicer will accept the payment or work with you to agree on a repayment plan or loan modification. If you’re behind on your mortgage, your servicer may be required to contact you over the phone or in person, and then in writing, to give you information about whether you might be eligible for a repayment plan, loan modification, or other solution.

If you’re at risk of foreclosure or you have been served legal papers, you may also want to consult an attorney. If you need help finding an attorney you can find lawyer referrals in your county and state by visiting the American Bar Association website . If you have low or moderate income, visit to see if there are programs in your state that offer free legal help.  

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