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What should I do if my prepaid card or PIN is lost or stolen or I see unauthorized charges?

Answer: Contact the card provider right away if your card or your PIN is lost or stolen or if you see unauthorized charges.

Your rights to recover money taken from your prepaid card account depend on what type of card it is, what your contract promises, and how quickly you report the loss after you discover it. Also, reporting the loss or wrong charge right away can help to stop additional losses from your account.  Network-branded prepaid card providers usually give some protections for loss or theft, but you should check your card provider’s website or your cardholder agreement to find out the specifics.

If your card is a payroll card or a certain type of government benefit card, or if you receive federal payments onto your card, you may have certain error resolution rights that protect you from unauthorized transactions under federal law. You likely have the protections provided by the networks as well.

Call your card issuer right away if your card or PIN is lost or stolen or if you see unauthorized charges.

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