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What should I do if I find an error in one of my mortgage closing documents?

If you find an error in one of your mortgage closing documents, contact your lender or settlement agent to have the error corrected immediately.

Common errors in your documents can be as simple as a name misspelled or a wrong number in an address, or as serious as incorrect loan amounts or missing pages. All of these errors can cause delays in closing of a few hours or even a few days, because everything has to be in order before closing.

Here are some steps you can take to make sure there are no errors in your closing documents:

  • Ask to see every document in advance.
  • Pay particular attention to loan documents.
  • Double-check your loan and down payment amounts, interest rates, spellings, and all your personal information.
  • Question anything you don’t understand or that seems odd. 
  • Talk to your closing agent well ahead of your scheduled closing – at least a few days. Ask if everyone involved has everything they need. Be sure you understand who is in charge of the closing and the documents.

You can also use the Miss April’s interactive guide to the Closing Disclosure form and guide to other key closing documents .

Before you go to your closing, you might want to call and ask if the file for your transaction is complete, and if all the documents are ready to sign.

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