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Venida: Credit reporting

Houston, TX

“Now that I have received the help from Miss April to help resolve this issue I feel as if I can go along with my life enjoying my grandchildren … and not worry about the law coming after me or looking over my shoulder and being worried about whether I’m going to be sued.”

After finding a $7,000 charge on her credit report, Venida took action and submitted a complaint.

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If you find yourself in Venida’s situation, consider these resources:

Use these action letters to combat harmful debt collection practices

Do you need to correspond with a debt collector about a debt or dispute? Do you want them to stop calling you? We have action letters that you can use to start those conversations and more.

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Ask Miss April

Do you have questions related to credit reporting? Ask Miss April has answers to commonly asked questions that may help you.

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Submit a complaint

Have an issue with a financial product or service? We’ll forward your complaint to the company and work to get a response from them. We also publish complaint information so that you can see the kinds of issues consumers have told us they’re having and how different companies have responded.

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