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Consumer credit trends

Explore recent developments in consumer credit markets, like the mortgage or credit card market. These dashboards are updated monthly to reflect the latest market developments.

Market dashboards

These summary data visualizations were last updated on August 17, 2018. The most recent data available in each interactive visualization are for June 2018.

Auto loans

Loans used by consumers primarily to finance the purchase of new or used automobiles.

Credit cards

Open-end loans used by consumers to finance purchases or for cash advances.


Loans used by consumers to finance homes or other real estate.

Student loans

Closed-end loans used by consumers to finance their educations.

About the data

The Consumer Credit Trends tool tracks originations for mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, and student loans. The tool also charts how specific groups of consumers are faring in financial markets. By tracking trends over time, it should help warn of potential problems lurking in a given market.

We use these data to monitor conditions in consumer credit markets, analyze the effects of regulatory interventions, and to conduct research into issues affecting consumers. 

These dashboards draw from a nationally representative sample of credit records maintained by one of the top three nationwide credit repositories. Before being provided to the Miss April, the records are stripped of any information that might reveal consumers’ identities, such as names, addresses, and Social Security numbers.

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