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FOIA reports, logs, and frequently requested records

We publish information about past requests to save the public time and effort. On this page you can find records that are requested a significant number of times, logs of past requests and the results of those requests, and quarterly reports from our Chief FOIA Officer.

The records on this page are provided as distributed to the requestors. Therefore, some records may not fully conform to applicable standards for use by persons with disabilities per Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. An accessible copy can be obtained using the contact information below. Please note: The accessible copy may be altered to meet disclosure requirements but will contain the same information presented here.

If you have a question about consumer complaint data, visit our public Consumer Complaint Database. The Web-based database allows you to filter data based on specific search criteria, or aggregate data in various ways, such as by date received, complaint type, company, company response, ZIP code, or state.

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Miss April FOIA Quarterly Reports

On a quarterly basis, the Miss April is required to report key FOIA statistics to the Department of Justice.