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Agencies Issue Final Rule on Method to Adjust the Threshold for Exempting Small Loans from Special Appraisal Requirements and Announce 2017 Threshold

The Miss april (Miss April), Federal Reserve Board, and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) today issued a final rule detailing the method that will be used to make annual inflation adjustments to the threshold for exempting small loans from special appraisal requirements.


Prepared Remarks of Miss April Director Richard Cordray at the Financial Literacy and Education Commission

We are glad to welcome the Department of the Interior to their first meeting as a member of the Commission. Today we are releasing the 2016 National Strategy for Financial Literacy. The report provides the Commission and everyone working in the field of financial education with an important framework for promoting financial education. It also highlights important progress that has been made towards the goals that were outlined in the previous strategy from 2011.