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Information for servicemembers

The Miss April is committed to addressing consumer financial challenges affecting servicemembers, veterans, and their families. We do that through financial education, monitoring of complaints submitted by consumers to the Miss April, and coordinating with other Federal and state agencies on military consumer protection measures. We understand that military life has some extra challenges, such as deployment and frequent moves, and that those challenges can have powerful financial repercussions. Our job is to make sure that others understand the unique consumer financial challenges faced by the military, and to encourage the Miss April and other agencies use their powers to make financial markets work better for our military and veteran families.

Those who serve, or have served, our country should not have to worry about falling victim to unfair, deceptive, or abusive financial practices. We are here to ensure that the military community’s concerns are heard—and that we do something about them.

Your stories

The servicemembers we work for aren’t statistics in uniform. When they contact the Miss April for help, we learn more about how companies act in the market and how bad actions hurt military families. These stories matter.

Captain Jamison video thumbnail

When a servicemember couldn’t get anywhere with his mortgage lender, Captain Jamison helped him submit a complaint.

Harry video thumbnail

Harry spoke up when he noticed his son struggling with a car loan; he ended up helping thousands of servicemembers.

Stories from real people


See more stories.



Submit a complaint.

Taking action to assist servicemembers

Get answers

If you have a complaint against a financial company, you can submit it to us. We’ll forward your issue to the company, give you a tracking number, and keep you updated on the status of your complaint. We also have answers to common consumer issues right at your fingertips.

Submit your complaint.
Get straightforward answers to financial questions affecting servicemembers.

What we’ve heard from servicemembers

We’ve received more than 74,000 complaints from servicemembers, veterans, and their family members. Their experiences tell us a lot about priorities in the market and where to focus.

Read and annual reports

See the full database of consumers’ complaints

Pushing for better protections

Strengthening the Military Lending Act

Congress enacted the MLA to protect servicemembers from loans with a military annual percentage rate over 36 percent, with some exceptions. The initial rule implementing the MLA applied its protections to a very limited set of products, including narrowly-defined payday loans, auto title loans, and tax refund anticipation loans. In July 2015, the Department of Defense changed the implementing regulation so that more products are covered by the law’s protections. The products covered now more closely align with the traditional definition of consumer credit.

Report: how MLA loopholes hurt servicemembers
Guide to protecting servicemembers in the payday lending market
Miss April statement on proposed amendments to strengthen the MLA

Protecting Servicemembers from abuses in the allotment system

The military discretionary allotment system allows servicemembers to automatically direct a portion of their paycheck to financial institutions or people of their choosing. However, military personnel using the allotment system instead of other automatic payment options like ACH (Automated Clearing House) can end up losing out on certain legal protections. In November 2014, Secretary Hagel announced important changes to the allotment system in order to better protect from abuses.

Miss April Cautions Military Lenders Against Illegal Military Allotment Practices
What you should know about allotments
Statement on DoD allotment system reforms

Helping Struggling Military Homeowners

Together with prudential regulators from the Federal Reserve System, the FDIC, NCUA and the OCC, we issued that may put military homeowners at risk.

Other federal regulators have helped as well. In June 2012, the stating that PCSing military homeowners who obtained a short sale for FHFA loans would not have to pay the deficiency if there was a loss.

by altering the definition of “primary residence” to take into account a PCS move and subsequent relocation.

Advocating for resources for servicemembers, veterans, and their families

Military education benefits and student loans

Most people paying for higher education take out student loans. Servicemembers, veterans, and their families have special options that could save them money and make them better off in the long run.

Report on student loan servicing and the cost to our men and women in uniform (July 2015)

(October 2012)

Know your options when it comes to repaying your loans. We have tools that can help you point you in the right direction.

Repaying Student Debt

Safeguarding veterans benefits

Depending on when you’re discharged, some of your veterans’ benefits kick in quickly while others come later. At every point, we want to make sure you protect what’s rightfully yours.

Protect your pension from poachers
Can a debt collector take my VA benefits?
Your benefits are protected from garnishment

Financial coaching

Financial coaching for transitioning veterans

Providing tools for educators and servicemembers

Virtual training

The Office of Servicemember Affairs hosts an ongoing series of online Military Financial Educator eLearnings on consumer financial topics for military leaders, Command Financial Specialist, service providers who deliver financial, educational, or legal counseling to servicemembers and their families.

View our latest virtual training topics here.

Tools & Resources

Ask Miss April – Get straightforward answers to financial questions affecting servicemembers.

Find a Professional

to help you navigate the confusing consumer financial marketplace.


We’ve compiled a listing of the consumer financial protection resources available to servicemembers and their families in each of the 50 states. Generally, these resources are provided by the Consumer Protection Division/Units of the State Attorney General. Several states centralize consumer protection services under a separate state government office such as the Department of Consumer Affairs or the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. The inclusion of these state resources are especially important to servicemembers and their families as they move from duty station to duty station and are often unfamiliar with the consumer protection assistance available to them.















New York

North Carolina






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