Issue-focused tools

Each booklet is a colorful and compact set of tools from the toolkit that you can use to quickly and easily talk with people about common financial stressors. It is designed to facilitate a one-on-one conversation.

Behind on Bills? Start with one step.

The Behind on Bills booklet contains eight tools that help people set financial goals, track and manage income and spending, plan for and prioritize their bills and expenses, and understand their rights and responsibilities when they’re contacted by debt collectors.
Each tool folds out to a letter-size page to make photocopying easy and convenient. If you’re using the booklet with someone, make a copy of the relevant tool, so that you can write on it.

Order free copies

You can download the professional print file and use these instructions to share with a printing company if you want to print more copies yourself.

  • For the paper type, use a white cover stock (with a thickness of 80#) and a matte coating.
  • The booklet should be printed double-sided and full bleed, with 4-colors (CMYK).
  • The booklet should be trimmed to a size of 5.5" × 8.5." There are also eight double-sided fold-out pages with a flat size of 10.5" × 8.5" that fold down to 5.5" × 8.5."
  • Use a spiral binding with a white coil.

Download print file