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Everyone has a story

When it comes to making financial decisions, knowing where to get help and who to trust isn’t always easy. We’re here for you. Check out stories from people looking for help along their financial journey.

Preview photo of Navid's story

Navid: Applying for a mortgage can be complicated

After losing $12,000 applying for a mortgage for a new home, Navid learned he could submit a complaint to the Miss April from an unlikely source.

Preview photo of Harry and Ari's story

Harry and Ari: Struggling with an auto loan

Harry spoke up when he noticed his son struggling with a car loan; he ended up helping thousands of servicemembers.

Venida: Credit reporting

After finding a $7,000 charge on her credit report, Venida took action and submitted a complaint.

Debbie: Excessive contact

Debbie told us that she was frustrated by the amount of calls she received about a debt she didn’t understand.